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composition en blue 2014 oil on canvas 300F_小.jpg
王健文《指向未來的編年史》邀卡_O (1)_邀卡封面.jpg

展期:2022.08.02 (二)- 2022.10.23 (日)

開放時間:週二至週日 10:00 – 18:00 (週一休館)


歷經〈觀星者〉系列,藝術家王建文以「指向未來的編年史」個展,完整爬梳這五年來的創作歷程。從帶有科幻意味的個人想像,折射出人們對於未來的無所適從,到了「指向未來的編年史」則是以年代事件,一個相對的指涉物,如同紀念碑般的標記出藝術家在歷史事件中的思考,轉化為視覺的語言,編纂出一個線性時間軸的自傳、一個集體記憶。 一連串的作品在「指向末來的編年史」展開,在介於具體和抽象的視覺呈現中,讓人們用另ㄧ個視角去觀看歷史事件的回返、斷裂與延續,思考人如何在歷史中被形塑,如何在每個當下做出選擇,形塑過去、現在和未來。

Nœud Temporel

Nœud Temporel, a solo exhibition by Leo Wang, presents how his artistic practice has developed andtransformed in the past five years since the previous Stargazer. While he used to employ a science-fictional imagination of his own to mirror a shared sense of losstoward the unknown future, Nœud Temporel features historic events and the comparative reference asmonumentally mark the artist's reflection on it, transforming itinto a visual language as if it werecomposing a chronological autobiography or a collective memory.

The thread of works unfolds in Nœud Temporel between the figurative and abstract visual expressions, allowing viewers to observe the revisit, break-off and continuation of historic events from a different perspective.

It provides a reading on how humans are shaped by and within the history, as well as how every instant choice forms our past, present and future.

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